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Working together towards community cohesion.

Positive Action


As part of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategy in West Yorkshire Police, Positive Action is used as a tool to support the recruitment, retention and progression of our workforce. It helps us build a stronger, more united police force that connects with the people we serve.

Positive Action is about attracting, developing and retaining talent from under-represented groups such as those from the Muslim community

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What is the Evolve programme?

Evolve is a development programme for staff who are from an ethnic minority background. It is the result of a survey carried out in Summer 2022, which identified a need to empower ethnic minority staff to develop their confidence and resilience in the workplace.  

The pilot programme started in January 2023, and over the course of the year, 38 participants will be involved in a series of different sessions and workshops.  

Why do we need an Evolve programme? 

We want people who feel empowered, not disadvantaged, by their uniqueness. 

45% of our ethnic minority staff who participated in last year’s survey reported having a negative experience in the workplace, which they attributed to their ethnicity. Participants shared experiences of receiving racial abuse. Even though 61% of respondents expressed an interest in promotion, many were put off due to there being a lack of high-ranking ethnic minority police officers and staff, and concerns about being accused of only being successful at promotion because of their ethnicity. 

The Evolve programme provides a safe space for participants to share, learn, and grow. It will help our ethnic minority officers and staff develop their emotional intelligence, confidence, skills, and self-belief to overcome any barriers they face, and reach their full potential in the workplace.  

Want to join West Yorkshire AMP?

To be a member of West Yorkshire AMP you need to work for West Yorkshire Police as a police officer, police staff, volunteer or special.


If you are interested in applying for a role within West Yorkshire Police or would like to transfer in from another force, please get in contact to speak to a member of our team to discuss options.


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