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Working together to build a better and more positive understanding of diversity and faith for all communities.

Aims & Objectives

SPMA Aims 

  • Provide a conduit through which to provide support, cultural and religious training, developmental provisions and initiatives to all employees of the Scottish Police Service and members of the diverse Muslim communities.

  • Give particular attention in addressing issues of faith Islamophobia, intolerance, and discrimination.

  • Develop initiatives and practices that provide for community cohesion across all faith communities and promote a more positive image of Islam and the Muslim community.

  • SPMA seeks to proactively demonstrate the principles of equality, inclusivity, honesty, integrity and a respect and duty to the provision of justice and law and order for the safety and wellbeing of all citizens, all of which are at the foundation of the Islamic faith.

SPMA Objectives


EDUCATE: Provide training and information resources to bridge the gap in understanding.

EMPOWER: Police Officers / staff and citizens to contribute more to community safety

SUPPORT: At a time of need and in accessing relevant services / support needed.

REPRESENT: Concern of members and in developing mechanisms to address these.

PROMOTE: A positive a more accurate image of Islam and the diverse Muslim communities.

ENGAGE: Support community engagement and active dialogues, especially with young people.

RECRUIT: Support recruitment programmes to encourage diverse representation from all faith communities.

Why join SPMA?

In today's diverse society we live and work with people of many different faiths and cultures.  The Muslim community within itself is diverse with people from different nations and cultures. 


SPMA is a staff led faith based association that provides a platform for better engagement, dialogue and communication through Police Officers and Staff who are from the diverse Muslim communities.  The association seeks to provide a forum that gives direct support for all employees of the Scottish Police Service on issues of Islam and cultural diversity within the Muslim community, alongside offering support for the Muslim Police Officers & Staff in being able to fully contribute and participate in their career with law enforcement.

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