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2023 Ramadan Iftar's

WYAMP iftar - sheikh burhan
WYAMP Iftar seated

During the Month of Ramadan. Associations of Muslim Police staff networks nationally have been holding Community Iftars.


Non Muslim staff have participated in fasts to experience what Muslims staff go through and experience the day with out food and water. 

The Associations of Muslim Police have held Community Iftars to build bridges with forces and the community and start healthy dialogues and build relationships

All Associations of Muslim police nationally are linked with NAMP below are images of the some events highlighting to strong community bonds the networks are progressing to build to support staff and communities they serve. 

No representation in your area?
Join us today!

NAMP are always keen to work with Police forces to establish local Muslim networks. If your area is not listed and you are interested in affiliating with NAMP, please get in touch to set up an association within your organisation.

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