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Yassin Desai

Uniform & Equipment

Yassin is an Executive Member of the National Association of Muslim Police leading on Uniform and Equipment.

He’s been with Leicestershire Police for 21 years and a Police Officer for 16 years predominantly as a Detective. Yassin’s passionate about supporting the Police service to be more inclusive, improving the working environment for Muslims and the wider community. His interests include Counter Terrorism, Corporate Strategy and Equality & Diversity, having founded AMP within Leicestershire in 2009 and former Chair for many years.

Yassin has been working to develop a range of Hijabs as part of national uniform since 2005 and recently negotiated an international licencing contract with New Zealand, to introduce their Hijab design to the UK alongside the Home Office.

In his spare time, Yassin is a keen boxing fan and an avid traveller who likes experiencing different cultures.

Yassin Desai
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