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Irfan Ishaq

Complaints & Conduct

Irfan has been a police officer for over 21 years with Hertfordshire Constabulary and is currently the Vice Chair of the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP).

He started his career at St Albans Police Station where he worked as an intervention (response) officer and then in the Harm Reduction Unit, investigating hate crimes and honour-based violence.

Irfan is a founding member of the Hertfordshire Association of Muslim Police (HAMP) and has been on the executive for over 15 years. Through this time he has been able to provide a safe environment for members to raise concerns and share experiences.

He is also a member of Hertfordshire Black and Asian Police Association (HBAPA) and through this relationship, both HAMP and BAPA are able to address internal and external community concerns.

Irfan is currently the longest serving member on the NAMP executive!

Irfan Ishaq
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