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Iram Ditta

General Secretary

Iram is the General Secretary over at the National Association of Muslim Police. Together with her role(s) within NAMP, Iram also heads up the Derbyshire Association of Muslim Police as Vice Chair.

Upon completing her degree in Business and Law, Iram joined Derbyshire Constabulary as Paralegal and predominately deals with criminal matters day to day.

As the Executive Coordinator for NAMP, Iram maintains connections and rapport between members of the association, executives, local Force AMPs, and external associates to work together towards shared aims and objectives.

Iram endeavours to be a voice for her Muslim colleagues mutually within Derbyshire and nationally, flourishing and thriving in bridging gaps, addressing issues, creating understanding, and bringing her bubbly personality to every situation!

Amongst her many hobbies, Iram is an enthusiastic baker and loves to cook – a self-proclaimed butter chicken expert! During the week, Iram also takes time out to volunteer at her local food bank to help those who require help and aid in the Derby community and aspires to open one herself in the future.

Iram Ditta
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