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#iammuslim campaign

Islamophobia awareness month highlights the threat of Islamophobic hate crimes, the common misconceptions of the religion of Islam and showcases the positive contributions of British Muslims throughout history and in today’s society.


The National Association of Muslim Police will be initiating the following during Islamophobia Awareness Month:

  1. Official launch of the #iammuslim Campaign.

  2. Anti-Muslim hatred and Discrimination Guidance document. This is a piece of work that has been developed and produced collectively by NAMP, National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) and the College of Policing (CoP).

  3. Addressing common misconceptions about Islam, including negative biases and associations.


What is #iammuslim and how can I get involved?


The National Association of Muslim Police aims to work with within Police forces nationally, local councils, journalists, local media outlets, councillors, local MPs, mosques, universities, schools, community organisations and others to raise awareness of the threat of Islamophobia and raise awareness surrounding relevant issues, discrimination, and current themes.


NAMP endeavours to break down barriers and seeks to challenge erroneous stereotypes which may be held about Muslims, as well as providing an avenue for people of other backgrounds and faith groups to engage with Muslims.


This year, NAMP are pleased to be launching the #iammuslim campaign. The #iammuslim campaign is an initiative which aims to dispel the stigmas attached to the Arabic scripts and connotations associated to being a Muslim. We want Muslims to be proud in their identity, allowing them to be vocal about who they are and what they represent as part of their faith and within the workplace.


Therefore, we are encouraging Muslims across the UK to unite and address the stigma!


The National Association of Muslim Police has formulated and designed two Arabic variations of the #iammuslim. These images are representative of both male and female Muslims.


These images are available to be utilised within electronic email signatures to tackle the issues we face as Muslims and address the misconceptions.

#iammuslim and proud – are you?

No representation in your area?
Join us today!

NAMP are always keen to work with Police forces to establish local Muslim networks. If your area is not listed and you are interested in affiliating with NAMP, please get in touch to set up an association within your organisation.

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