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Sophia Perveen

General Secretary

Sophia is the General Secretary for the National Association of Muslim Police and has been in this role since 2016. She has been part of NAMP as the Chair of the Association of Muslim Police over at Northamptonshire Police for much longer and has also recently launched the first Interfaith Association for her respective force!

Sophia manages all correspondence and disseminates to the NAMP executive, ensuring all queries are dealt with efficiently and effectively. Sophia has an in-depth understanding of issues affecting Muslims within the Police Service and wider community. She maintains great relations with staff, officers, and communities nationally.

Alongside her duties as a Faith Liaison Officer, Sophia is a known member of the Northampton community and has recently organised classes to give women from ethnic minorities the opportunity to learn self-defence through classes arranged by Northamptonshire Police neighbourhood teams.

Sophia is currently taking a break from her duties as General Secretary. In the interim, Iram Ditta will be undertaking this role.

Sophia Perveen
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