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Mohammad Hullemuth

Vice President

Zak has been a police officer for almost 14 years with the London Metropolitan Police Service and is currently the Vice President of the National Association of Muslim Police and a full time Chair of the Met AMP.

Zak is a Detective Sergeant with Specialist Operations with Counter Terrorism Policing.

Prior to joining the Met, He used to work as a mental health practitioner within the National Health Service(NHS).                                                                        

Zak started his career on response team before deciding to take the detective route to glory. He had served in numerous roles in his CID journey from Community Safety Unit, Robbery and Burglary Squad, Major Crime Investigation to Counter terrorism.

Zak is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Anti-western based Terrorism and has given evidence at the Old Bailey on countless  CT operations including London Bridge and Westminster Terror inquest.

On top on his full time job, Zak dedicate a lot of his time into T & CT Research and he is part of the CT Evidence based Review Group (EBRG) and he also keep himself operational by working with the Counter terrorism Command (SO15) as a CT advisor for the investigation team and has an active role within SO15 National Digital Exploitation Service (NDES), assisting in the assessment of the CT evidential intelligence database (NITRA).

Zak is passionate about EDI and a firm believer of women empowerment and works hard to make the Muslim community more inclusive and anti-discriminatory. Zak also works closely with the London Muslim community and engaged  with external stakeholders in order to raise Islam Awareness with the Policing family by doing regular CT presentation and Islam Awareness training within the Met.

Since he took the lead for the Met AMP, Zak has brought significant changes to the Met AMP governance structure which is a more welcoming and inclusive association. Zak has gained the trust and confidence of many both internally and externally through his work ethic and professional behaviour.

Zak is known for his obsession with governance and policy. His ethos of success is to rely on discipline and the principle of adherence to the governance structure similarly to the way of how we live our life base on the Quran and Sunnah.

Mohammad Hullemuth
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